Mazda Pressure Plate: A Wonder Under The Hood

Since its establishment in 1920, Mazda has been creating products designed not only to satisfy customer expectations, but to exceed them as well. The Japanese automaker does this by continuously developing innovative products, such as its lineup of vehicles and engine components. Mazda, though, does not only develop new products — it also makes sure that every part produced is in crisp condition. An example of this is the Mazda Pressure Plate.

How does the Mazda Pressure Plate work wonders for one of Japan?s top carmakers? Located under the hood, the Mazda Pressure Plate operates closely with the clutch pedal, which serves as a primary ignition for a vehicle. By principle, pressing the pedal is done to change gears and speed. Once the clutch pedal is released, the springs inside push the Mazda Pressure Plate against the clutch disk. As a result, a spinning motion is made inside the clutch pedal. To release the clutch from the spinning discs, the pressure plate has to be pulled away from the clutch disc. To achieve this, the clutch pedal is released resulting to either pushing or pulling of the pressure plate?s diaphragm.

After more than eight decades in the automobile industry, Mazda continues to show its mettle by producing quality products for its enthusiasts worldwide. Mazda willingly embraces technology, but at the same time, makes sure that every little detail on a Mazda is in good shape ? even the most basic auto parts like the Mazda Pressure Plate.