Road Rage ? A Big Problem For Some

Road rage used to be a problem for me because when I first got my license, I felt as if everyone was getting in my way. It seemed that no matter where I would go, someone was always slowing me down. I couldn’t figure out why if the speed limit said ’30’ why someone would actually be doing ’29’. It made no sense, and it infuriated me. If the speed limit was posted at 75 mph, you could almost always be guaranteed that I would be doing at least ten to fifteen miles over the speed limit. Local highways were my favorite because I would cruise at speeds upwards of 85 mph easily. It is a wonder that I never once received a traffic ticket back then. When I came to North Carolina to go to college, I had a field day with the traffic down here. While it was less crowded than Long Island, it seemed as if the drivers were completely incompetent with regards to their skill on the roadways. I weaved in and out of traffic and used my horn whenever necessary to indicate that someone should go when the light turned green.

Looking back, I am ashamed of the way I behaved. I have no idea why I was so impatient. After living down here in North Carolina for the past several years with numerous trips back to New York to visit with family and friends, I still think that the drivers in North Carolina are not nearly as skilled on the roadways and get into more accidents than many other drivers elsewhere that I have been. However, I have learned to temper the road rage that I used to feel. I no longer use my horn except when absolutely necessary, and I now do the speed limit. Making these few small changes has made me into a more responsible driver, and it has wound up saving me a ton of money in gasoline expenses. While the temptation to speed as well as get angry at incompetent drivers is still there, whenever I feel an episode of road rage coming on, I refocus my energies elsewhere. Even if it means humming a tune or focusing on a song on the radio, it is much better than getting upset or angry and making a stupid decision while driving. Now, if only more people could adopt the same attitude, the roads might be a little safer for driving!