Pontiac Splash Shield: Comprehensive Protection For The Undercarriage

Protective panels are the answers to street and off-road pests. These pests usually hound the engine components that are left unprotected and vulnerable to contamination. Splash shields, as the name implies, do block your vehicle from splashes of water or mud that?s on the road. It also blocks road debris run over by the wheels from hitting and making graver damage to the molding of vehicle that it is protecting. The Pontiac Splash Shield, also known as splash guards are usually made of rubber or plastic materials which are crafted into different shapes, colors and designs. They are crafted to fit different car brands and platforms, may they be sport utility vehicles, vans, trucks, or cars. These shields are mostly made from high density polyethylene materials that are proven to be perfect for heavy duty use.

The Pontiac Splash Shield is strategically located at the wheel wells and typically molded to specific fit to effectively block elements that could harm or disrupt engine operations. It can minimize the engine wear by diminishing intrusion of road debris, floods, mud as well as hard objects that can cause corrosion. Because of their task as protective component, these splash shields are left vulnerable to the harsh elements like moisture, road salts and chemicals that can cause its own depreciation. However much you clean and keep it dry, the daily grind that it faces can eventually wear off the anti-rust plating or coat it has. And if it starts wearing off, corrosion will develop making it weak which might cause further damage. The location of the Pontiac Splash Shield leaves it difficult to access for any daily cleaning and with the vehicle subjected to different driving conditions it is expected to accumulate dust and dirt especially from below. The undercarriage is particularly vulnerable to mud and waters that splash when the tires pass over it. And because of that, a replacement will be needed eventually. A damage splash shields totally defeats its purpose as a protective automobile panel. It will no longer be effective as protection and could further damage once it is corroded because it can contaminate the parts it is protecting.

These splash shields are specially designed to work as protection for the automobile?s primary performance auto parts. There are different kinds of splash shields depending on what auto part it is protecting like radiator, generator, fender, front panels and there are even splash shields for the engines. The more popular splash shield is what is otherwise known as the inner fender or the splash shields for the fender. The fender splash shield is the metal frame that serves as the dividing block between your car engine and your car fender. Although the part is in the interior or rather inside the underside of the vehicle but still it is exposed to a lot of corrosive elements. Engine and protection details should be taken seriously because it is crucial for the vital performance and functionality of your car. And these protective panels are cost effective solutions to maintenance of your car as compared to graver and more expensive damages.

How To Clean The Seats In Your Car

Cleaning your car’s seats is very important because the first thing that anyone who sits in your notices are the seats. Clean seats make a very good impression and also make the car look good. motor polish is available to make your body shine from the outside but what about the interior? Is there something you can do to make it look better. According to runabout detailing experts you can completely revamp the interior of your car just by giving it a thorough clean. Car Leather Clean products are available in the market that you can use to clean your runabout interior. Lets discuss ways you can clean your motor seats and make them shine.


A vacuum is a great tool for cleaning. It can help get rid of all the dirt in your car instantly. Before you begin the actual cleaning process you need to vacuum the carpets and the car floor. This will get rid of all the dust and give the car a more refined look. You can use a brush to wipe off all the dirt that gets stuck in the seats.

Spray Cleaner

Next up you need to spray upholstery cleaner onto the seats. But before you spray shake the can first and make sure you get good coverage. Maintain a distance from the seats whilst you are spraying them. There is no need to get too close, you can wear gloves and a mask if you see it as a necessity. Car leather clean is an easy process so it shouldn’t take too much of your time.

Other Measures

Once you have sprayed the seats let the spray sit on the fabric for a period of at least 5 minutes. Now you can moisten the towels slightly and rub it onto the seat. Try to remove any stains that are present on the seats. Car polish can also come in handy at a time like this and it can be used to clean the interior properly.

Brushes and Scrubbing

The last step is to get a soft bristled brush and get rid of stains that are present on the fabric. But don’t scrub too hard or you could damage the seat’s fibers. Now to finish off the job you can use a dry towel to wipe the seat clean.


Car Polish and car leather clean are both essential tools that you need to have in order to properly clean your car’s interior. Just follow these tips and your car’s seats will be shinning in no time at all.

Hybrid Electric Cars: Is There A Right One For You?

The various Hybrid Electric Car brands provide people the opportunity to have a stylish vehicle while at the same time conserving fuel. Additionally, the environment receives less pollution from these hybrid electric cars. The range of cars which you will see among hybrid cars include the popular SUVs, sports cars, sedans and pickup trucks.

You will soon have the chance to see the latest hybrid cars. As there are many types of hybrid electric cars, you should see if there are any performance reviews available to help. This information will aid you in the decision making process of which electric hybrid car to choose from. You will find that some of the hybrid cars will not be easy to repair, nor to find replacement parts for.

There is one factor that you should keep in mind when you are shopping for the right electric hybrid car for you; you may not be able to find the exact car model that you want. To avoid this frustration, make a list of several different hybrid electric car types. Include the known best hybrid cars. You may also want to list other qualities that you are looking for from a hybrid electric car.

While you can visit any of the car showrooms to see the electric hybrid car of your choice, you may appreciate seeing what sort of cars are available before you buy one. As there are times when you will not see all of the cars which can be bought, you should seek to discover as much as you can about all these hybrid cars.

Of the many different ways that you can look at the various electric hybrid cars, the internet may be the best, as it can provide you with pictures, descriptions and reviews of different cars types. You can access information for the current crop of hybrid Honda cars or the previous models of electric cars. Among the many details that you can find are the seating capacity, safety features and engine specifications of these cars.

There are many different types of hybrid cars that can be bought. For the most part, they are made by well-known car manufacturers. You will find that Honda, which is a popular maker of cars, also has their version of a hybrid electric car. The Honda electric hybrid is one hybrid that is very popular among consumers these days.

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Upgrade Your Ride With Mazda Tune Up Parts

Change is an inevitable part of life as well as of one’s Mazda Parts. Thus, no matter how snappy and spry those Mazda parts proved to be in the first few years of their operation, sooner or later, they will get damaged, impaired, and in some cases involving certain automotive accidents, horribly disfigured. In short, these Mazda Parts that you may have been quite fond of a few years back will be completely worn down to the bone by the time a decade has passed. When such misfortunes happen, where does that leave the car’s driver or owner? In inauspicious circumstances, most likely.

A car that functions with parts that can no longer be relied on with absolute and utter trust can make things more than a little bit difficult. Consider the matter carefully: if one’s braking system for instance is already showing signs of wear, this weakness in the system may be the cause of an accident any time. What if the car were put in conditions that were less than satisfactory? How will the car perform if it has a weakness in one of its parts, and thus, won’t be able to do what it is designed for simply because a little complication got in the way?

There is, of course, an answer to these problems. One can take on the talents of Mazda Tune Up parts to goad one through. By outfitting the car with Mazda Tune Up Parts, one can rely on the system without any fear. Not only is performance assured but the safety of the drivers and passengers are taken care of as well. That’s hitting two birds with one stone. With these Mazda Tune Up Parts, one not only improves the functions of the car but its safety features as well.

Hyundai Stealing The Show With 2013 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

Hyundai is counted among the leading auto manufacturers that are known for its innovation and performance centric quality vehicles. Therefore, the company rises up again with the new and improved Hyundai Sonata Hybrid in 2013. It has said to be more stylish and performance oriented car as compared to its older version. This current model includes many upgrades and numerous modifications that together enhance the drivability of the car.

When driving the higher limited trim, this stylish car can provides you 37 mpg for 340 miles. This includes driving the car on Indian, highways, suburban and busy road conditions. On the other hand, the base model of hybrid provide you with 1 mpg more at 38 mpg of combined driving, which is better. As compared to the previous 2011 model, the new 2013 Hyundai Sonata drives much better. Its motor has been designed to function up the car to about 70 mph both in and out of the towns as the U.S. drivers spend about 55% of the miles at highway speeds. As soon as it reaches 75 mph, this car drops to EV mode and even at this speed; you would not notice the transition. The new 2013 model has been powered with a more efficient and powerful electric motor that improve driving quality, making it strong for up to 20 mph. Electric only power is one of the selling qualities of Hybrid vehicles and this new improved version excels in this quality.

The Sonata Hybrid always had been a good combination of friction brakes and regenerative braking; however, you would notice the improved braking system in the 2013 model. But its brakes are rather firm. You can still feel the transitions during the circumstance of acceleration and on or off braking. Moreover, the transmission downshifts while operating in the electric only mode is somewhat awkward. But the other major quality of the car can make its owner neglect this thing. As per the auto leader from South Korean, using the electric motor with an adapted six-speed automatic transmission and 2.4 liter engine would certainly give you a more normal driving feel in almost all circumstances as compared to the electronic continuously variable transmission.

Besides, the other driving observations on the 2013 Hybrid Sonata include a rather heavy feel on the road with stiff electric power steering, which makes driver to make some extra efforts. The drooping roofline design of 2013 Hyundai Sonata with high rear cowl provides restricted rear vision. On the other hand, the user interface of Hyundai Hybrid is user friendly and intuitive. The large pushbuttons for directing the ventilation airflow in the car are just great! The starting price of the new and improved Hyundai Hybrid model is $30,550.

Personal Car Leasing

Wherever we go, it is important that we have our own vehicle to provide the transportation we need. We might have gear and stuff that could irritate some passengers if we are going to commute using public transport or taxis. Therefore, the best possible way to avoid the inconvenience is to buy a new car. However, we might not have the money to purchase a brand new car and therefore we just have to consider car leasing. There are many car leasing providers available today. Some offer many services that would encourage many people to avail of their car leasing services so potential customers should be wise in choosing the right source for renting a car. There are many things to consider before leasing with the providers but one must know first what car leasing is all about.

Car leasing is the arrangement between customers and car leasing company y which enables the former to hire a car for a particular duration of time and specific mileage. The customer then pays a preset monthly installment to the company that owns the car. A car leasing company often presents a wide variety of options on finance for the new cars available and even the used cars that suits their personal or business arrangements. Many major auto manufacturers offer different kinds of car leasing services; they even provide van leasing and car repairs or maintenance for a very affordable price. You can choose whatever payment plan that suits your budget. Anyone can get the benefits from leasing a car. One of the benefits is that the customer can choose their favorite car and be able to ride in it, which is everybody?s dream. There are cars today that are very expensive but because there are car manufacturers that provide such service, people get to experience the ultimate ride of their life. It is very crucial for customers to understand that to be able to choose what is the ideal car lease option for them; they should be able to compare the available services of one provider to another. Select also the one that fits your personal or business requirement.

You should be aware of the things that need attention before getting involved in a car leasing agreement. First, you must determine the length of the contract. How long do you need the car? Is it for only a few days or is it for a few months? Such things should be specified. Generally, car lease takes place for 18, 24, 36 or even 48 months. Next, you should see to it that the negotiation that is going to take place is reasonable. Companies that offer car leasing typically buy vehicles in great numbers so they should be able to give the customer an affordable price. The residual worth of the rented car should also be considered. Selecting a car that has a good value at the closing stages of the contract will bring down the monthly payment. Then, many agreements have penalties for those who terminate the contract earlier than what is agreed upon so you should be able to analyze the clause in the contract that states the things about this. Also, you should be able to estimate the car usage precisely because there are some companies that apply excess charges for mileage. There are also the wear and tear clauses that most contracts specify charges for. You should read those carefully because you may be paying some of the wear and tear rates when you return the rented car. Frequently, many manufacturers do not allow changes by the customer to the car. If the customer does so, he or she will pay the expenses in restoring the car to its original state.

Before availing of the car leasing services, one must be able to know what to do before doing so. There are many types of leasing options available today especially in the internet. Opt for the one that gives you excellent advantages for your personal or business leasing needs.

Mazda RX8 – A Head Turning Car For Less

The Mazda RX-8 is an unconventional yet desirable sports car. It was first shown in 2001 in North American International Auto Show and launched in 2003. It has a design which still feels fresh and futuristic. The RX-8 boasts a unique 1.3 liter rotary engine which is an excellent piece of auto engineering. It might not be that fuel efficient however it is very light and compact. The rotary is 1.3 liter but provides excellent power and high revs. It is a rear wheel driven fun to drive car. Sadly the Mazda has stopped the production in 2010 because the carbon emissions were far higher than others in the class like Audii TT and Nissan 370Z.

The Mazda RX-8 sure turns some heads when on the road thanks to its futuristic design and unmistakable appearance. Mazda has worked hard on the detailing of the RX-8. Inside the cabin is marvelous with piano black dashboard and bucket seats which are very accommodating. The cabin is surprisingly roomy and the four dour design makes it very easy to access. The RX- 8 is better known for its unique rotary engine which can generate high revs and returns 231bhp. It is equipped with a quick shift six speed manual gearbox. The RX-8 has low roll on sharp turns resulting in a great body roll and a fun ride.

Stiff suspension, rear wheel drive layout and direct steering mate to give a delightful ride on the road. RX-8’s pillar-less design doesn’t make it any less safe car. Electric traction control and side and front airbags are offered as standard across all models. The engine needs to be watched carefully and needs proper servicing after 80,000 miles to replace the piston edge pressing tips as they tend to wear out. Plus the rotary is also thirsty for oil and if most of the drive is around town it gathers soot and give problems in starting.

The Mazda RX-8 is in reality a coupe that can be used as a family car as well. The interior boasts plenty of storage space. All the instruments and switches are driver oriented and positioning style is inspired by Mazda 6. Comparatively, the RX-8 doesn’t cost much to buy and the product you get is worth every penny spent. The running costs of the RX-8 are higher though because of its high fuel thirst. The spare parts and service have reasonable costs, its nowhere near cheap to insure and taxed.

Mazda Pressure Plate: A Wonder Under The Hood

Since its establishment in 1920, Mazda has been creating products designed not only to satisfy customer expectations, but to exceed them as well. The Japanese automaker does this by continuously developing innovative products, such as its lineup of vehicles and engine components. Mazda, though, does not only develop new products — it also makes sure that every part produced is in crisp condition. An example of this is the Mazda Pressure Plate.

How does the Mazda Pressure Plate work wonders for one of Japan?s top carmakers? Located under the hood, the Mazda Pressure Plate operates closely with the clutch pedal, which serves as a primary ignition for a vehicle. By principle, pressing the pedal is done to change gears and speed. Once the clutch pedal is released, the springs inside push the Mazda Pressure Plate against the clutch disk. As a result, a spinning motion is made inside the clutch pedal. To release the clutch from the spinning discs, the pressure plate has to be pulled away from the clutch disc. To achieve this, the clutch pedal is released resulting to either pushing or pulling of the pressure plate?s diaphragm.

After more than eight decades in the automobile industry, Mazda continues to show its mettle by producing quality products for its enthusiasts worldwide. Mazda willingly embraces technology, but at the same time, makes sure that every little detail on a Mazda is in good shape ? even the most basic auto parts like the Mazda Pressure Plate.

Optimum Strength With Mazda Performance Parts

Performance plays second fiddle to none when it comes to automobiles. It is for this reason why automotive enthusiasts spend resources to boost their ride?s capabilities. Performance upgrade is a common measure to gain more horsepower or better handling. On this regard, countless performance parts have been manufactured by aftermarket companies for ?stock? vehicles, such as a Mazda 3 or Mazda 6.

Just like other vehicles, Mazda’s stock can be further boosted by a set of performance parts. Usually synonymous to racing, Mazda performance parts can actually be used for ‘everyday’ Mazdas, such as the Tribute, and the older model cars, like 323s and RX5s. They are special replacement parts designed to boost a vehicle’s power, since the stock automotive components are somewhat restrictive. Some performance components, meanwhile, improve handling and fuel economy. The most common Mazda performance parts are air filters, intake kits, and exhausts.

A Mazda air filter, for instance, removes contaminants, composed most often of solid air particles, to produce a specific air quality required for a vehicle’s combustion process. An oversized Acura performance air filter, however, sucks cleaner air into the engine, thus increasing the engine’s power and torque. On the other hand, the stock Mazda exhaust carries harmful exhaust gases away from the passenger compartment and also converts most of them into acceptable by-products. Hence, it helps in reducing the sound made by the internal combustion engine, lowering the temperature of the exhaust, and controlling the emissions coming out of the vehicle. A Mazda performance exhaust system’s goal is not only to control emissions, but also to provide the engine an ‘extra grunt,’ giving the race car sound.

Mazda performance air filters and exhaust systems are just two of a handful of Mazda performance parts that are offered in the market today. It depends on the owner whether his or her Mazda needs improvement/s on certain performance parts.

Coalition Aims To Stop Automotive Refrigerant Sale Ban

The global community is facing a great threat in the form of the global warming issue. And to address the said problem, different sectors – government or private -are taking steps to prevent the further deterioration of the environment. The main cause of global warming is the amount of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere. Some of the sources of these greenhouse gases are emissions from vehicles which burn fossil fuels and refrigerants. The by-products of using such elements are then released into the atmosphere.

One of the steps being taken by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) is to reduce the amount of refrigerants being released into the air. The agency proposed that the sale of refrigerants to regular consumers be also lessened. The refrigerant in question is the 134a. The proposition is now on its way through the state legislative body and may well be on its way to becoming a law sooner or later.

Tetrafluoroethane, another name for refrigerant 134a, has an ozone depleting potential that is quite similar to the better known refrigerant 12 or dichlorofluoroethane. This refrigerant is commonly used on automobile air conditioners. CARB is currently aiming to stop the sale of these refrigerants to consumers since it has a significant global warming potential of 1410. One of its more known harmful effects is that it is one of the factors in the forming of acid rain. Recent studies show that the amount of the refrigerant has nearly doubled since its first use in the 1990s.

But the proposed law has encountered a fierce resistance from a collection of consumers whose aim is to stop the ban on the sale of refrigerants to common consumers. In this regard, they have formed a coalition called Stay Cool California. The coalition aims to protect the right of the common automobile owner to work on his or her car in terms of the air conditioning system. The group states that the proposed legislation would place a burden of $167 million or more to fixed and lower income California residents.

If the law proposed by CARB is then passed into a law, consumers will no longer be able to buy auto refrigerants in cans. Their only alternative so as to get this will be to pay repair shops or auto dealerships to perform the work that they can do themselves. This fact has enraged the coalition since it seems to them that instead of going after the more destructive source of greenhouse gases, the agency chose to put the burden on lower income citizens of the state.

Tom Brown, the spokesperson for Stay Cool California, has this to say about the proposed legislation: ?Instead of going after oil companies and utilities that emit millions of tons of greenhouse gases, the California Air Resources Board is aiming its regulatory guns on consumers who prefer to work on their own cars. What cost consumers $10 today for a can of auto refrigerant, will cost them $150 or more tomorrow if CARB gets their way. That?s just not fair for those people who cannot afford to take their car to a repair shop to have this very simple and necessary service done.?

In connection with the coalition?s aim, they have launched a website which aims to educate consumers on how to send message to the legislative body of the state to not ratify the proposed law. Auto enthusiasts, hobbyist, and do-it-yourselfers are just some of the group of consumers that the coalition aims to mobilize against the proposed regulation. These are also the same people who works on their car themselves, fine tuning their car with aftermarket parts like the brake components from Active Brakes Direct. Those who are willing to join the cause are invited to visit the coalition?s site at .